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Client Testimonials

We are truly humbled when our clients write to convey their thanks and appreciation for the quality of our legal representation.

Their words demonstrate our uncompromising commitment to the well being of each client who seeks our counsel.


"Divorce is very difficult but Bruce and Jennifer helped me through it. They are great attorneys and also great people. They always listened to me, explained all my options, and supported my decisions. I have come to think of them not as my attorneys but as good trusted friends. "


"If you are considering divorce and looking for legal representation, Bruce Peckerman and his team provide a complete package. He is knowledgeable and sensitive to the emotional and family issues, and when required he is a tough but reasonable negotiator. You will not be able to find a better lawyer."

John W. Ellison

"My experience working with Tom Klein is that he is a man of integrity, he tells the truth and is focused upon helping families minimize the harm that can evolve from family conflicts that affect those we love the most."

Ahman Green

"Bruce and Jennifer were a big help, not just as attorneys but as friends as well. They gave me great representation and great advice as well."


"I was referred to Bruce Peckerman by my cousin who had a complicated divorce involving a family business. His firm was a good choice for me as I also faced a very difficult divorce after 30 years of marriage. I worked primarily with Attorney Jennifer Van Kirk. She was always available and solved every problem that arose. She and Attorney Peckerman worked very well together when needed. I have every confidence in these two very professional individuals and would recommend them to anyone who is facing this difficult transition."